• We're recruiting volunteers for 2020-21!

    Co-Chair (1 position available)

    • The Chair is the overarching leadership for Grad Minds and main point of contact for all Grad Minds Team members
    • Sets goals for Grad Minds and acts as a mental health advocate
    • Collaborates with a multitude of other groups, clubs, initiatives, organizations and departments to spread mental health awareness, education and resources; often speaks at events and orientations, on panels and round table mental health discussions on behalf of Grad Minds
    • Designs, organizes and runs Grad Minds events and initiatives
    • Facilitates the organization of the Grad Minds Annual Mental Health Conference
    • Delegates tasks and monitor the progress of the Grad Minds team
    • Organizes and runs Grad Minds meetings
    • Ensures the recruitment of new Grad Minds team members and supporters
    • Ensures sufficient advertising for Grad Minds events
    • This position will require a significant amount of time, responsibility, and dedication, as well as weekly involvement with the committee

    Event Team Lead (2 positions available)

    • Leader of the Grad Minds Events team – recruits, coordinates and communicates with this team; has regular meetings with the Events team, delegates tasks
    • Leader in coordinating logistical aspects of events, especially the Grad Minds annual Mental Health Conference, including room booking, recruiting sponsorships and donations, organizing catering and décor, helping with advertising
    • Works very closely with the Co-Chairs in organizing and planning initiatives
    • This position will require a significant amount of time, responsibility, and dedication, as well as weekly involvement with the committee

    Social Media Coordinator (1 position available)

    • Will manage the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts of Grad Minds and reply to any messages (or forward them to appropriate personnel) received on social media
    • Will keep an active profile on all Grad Minds’ social media accounts and work with the Events sub-committee and Communications Coordinator to advertise and promote any Grad Minds’ events or other events that are geared towards graduate students

    Grants Manager / Treasurer (1 position available)

    • Responsible for researching and applying to available internal and external grants and seeking out sponsorship opportunities for Grad Minds’ programming
    • Will liase with the Financial Coordinator of UTGSU and Grad Minds’ members to ensure timely submission of all receipts for reimbursement and track expenditures

    Communications Manager (1 position available)

    • Will maintain the Grad Minds’ email account, respond to queries, and direct them to appropriate executives/resources
    • The Communications Manager is expected to respond to non-emergency emails within 48 hours. Emergency emails, especially those where a student is in crisis or seeking assistance in navigating student services, MUST be forwarded to the Grad Minds’ Mental Health Policy Adviser and Co-Chairs as soon as possible, within 24 hours

    Secretary (1 position available)

    • Will attend bi-weekly Grad Minds meetings, record minutes, and distribute them to the team, the UTGSU, and online

    Event Coordinator (5 positions available)

    • Will work closely with the Events Lead in helping to spearhead, organize and carry out events – this includes (but is not limited to) booking rooms, managing orders and sponsorships, registration, etc.

    To apply, please send a cover letter (one page) and a brief resumé (max. two pages) to mentalhealth@utgsu.ca by Friday, May 22nd, 2020.


    Note: Applicants may apply for more than one position

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