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February 28th: Workshop 4 - Time Management and Motivation for Humanities Grads

"How do you find time to research and write while balancing your work and like? How do you manage to focus on the long-term goal when all the little things get in the way? How do you conquer that blank, white page?

In this workshop from Academic Success you will:

1. Learn about time management techniques for grad school (and the rest of your life?)

2. Understand some ways to manage procrastination and focus on what matters

3. Encounter some tried-and-true methods for overcoming writer’s block"

Jonathan Vandor has been a Learning Strategist with Academic Success since 2015, and has more than a decade of teaching, tutoring, and coaching experience behind him. In his current role, he helps students in appointments and workshops on such subjects as time and project management, effective reading and note-taking techniques, test and exam preparation, and public speaking.

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