• Elemental Issue 5 Launch Party


    Come join us for our inaugural launch party to celebrate the online release of Issue 5: Nutrition & Eating Disorders!

    The Launch Party will feature two workshops and an interactive "Tea Talk" session:


    Presenter 1: Kelly Matheson, Registered Dietician, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH)


    Title: Treating Mood with Food


    Bio: Kelly is a Dietician who specializes in delivering personalized care to those with complex mental illnesses, including bipolar disorder and major depressive disorder. She also facilitates weekly nutrition education and cooking groups at CAMH.


    Workshop Description: Kelly will talk about the role nutrition plays on mood and will offer guidance on which foods to eat, and which foods to avoid, for optimal mental health and wellbeing.


    Elemental Article: www.elementalmag.ca/blog/the-link-between-nutrition-and-mental-health-an-interview-with-kelly-matheson




    Presenter 2: Jay Walker, Registered Psychotherapist, Umbrella Mental Health Network


    Title: A Trauma Informed & Systemic Look at Disordered Eating & Recovery


    Bio: Jay is a Psychotherapist who specializes in working with folks struggling with disordered eating, exercise compulsion, body image concerns, and trauma.


    Workshop Description: Jay will be providing information to increase attendee’s awareness about what eating disorders are, how they develop, the systems that reinforce them, and various ways to begin to cope and move towards recovery.


    Elemental Article: www.elementalmag.ca/blog/eating-disorders-don-t-discriminate-an-interview-with-jay-walker




    Tea Talk: The goal of the Tea Talk activity is for participants to share their viewpoints or experiences so that others may learn about new or different perspectives.

    Participants will be divided into small groups, and each group will discuss two questions:

    1. How does food affect your mood?
    2. How does mood affect your food (choices)?

    Participants will then have a chance to share their viewpoints or experiences with the entire group.




    Raffle: Participants who stay until the end will have a chance to win a Raffle Basket containing an Edible Arrangement, gift cards, and hardcopies of all five issues of Elemental Magazine!




    The event will be catered*, and multiple mental health and nutrition resources will be available.


    *Please let us know of any dietary restrictions (e.g., vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free), and we shall make proper accommodations.


    Other Notes:

    • The room location is fully accessible—the building has wheelchair accessible ramps and an elevator.
    • The building has a gender neutral single user restroom on the first floor.
    • This event is open to all UofT students, including undergraduates as well as Mississauga and Scarborough students!
    • Space is limited! Sign up now!
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