• Experiential Mental Health Workshop

    Presented by Dr. Milena Braticevic, PhD Integral Health, in collaboration with UTGSU and Grad Minds

    Four Sessions: Mondays, 6-7 PM

    Dates: February 24 – March 16, 2020

    Location: Galbraith Building, 35 St. George Street, unit GB202, University of Toronto

    This workshop is offered to UofT students at no charge.

    Registration is required. To register please contact: mentalhealth@utgsu.ca



    Young adulthood is an important transitional period in life during which major changes occur impacting the future, career, socio-economic security, health, and wellbeing. This is the time when individuals start experiencing significant life challenges, including common mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression. Due to the stigma associated with mental illness, young people often wait to seek treatment until symptoms become severe and do not receive proper care due to limited resources. This can cause symptoms to escalate further, making treatment more difficult and costly.


    Join this workshop to learn new concepts and gain experiential and behavioural tools to help you develop a resilient mind, while improving coping mechanisms to manage daily challenges of student life. Based on the integral health paradigm of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing, this workshop will provide practical education about the conditions required for sustained mental health. You will learn about the nature of the mind, key aspects of anxiety and depression, how to perceive the world in an integrated way, accessing a relaxed and natural state of being, developing a healthy ego and higher states of consciousness, and ways to feel supported by the world instead of being overwhelmed by it.


    The workshop includes:

    • Evaluation of anxiety and depression levels before and after the workshop.
    • Four in-person sessions introducing educational concepts and experiential tools for mental health.
    • Weekly behavioural exercises and written reflections.
    • Group discussion and peer support.
    • Additional resources for ongoing practice and sustained development of a healthy mind

    Space is limited, register today!

    To register please contact: mentalhealth@utgsu.ca

  • About the Presenter

    Dr. Milena Braticevic holds a PhD in Integral Health and is a post-doctoral research associate at the California Institute for Human Science. Her research focuses on exploring strategies for mental health and prevention of depression and anxiety. Read the Elemental Magazine interview with Dr. Braticevic for more information about her work and experience with depression and anxiety.

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