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October 10th: Workshop 1 - Nonduality

Grad Minds will be running their first workshop of the year on Nonduality with Milena Braticevic, a PhD in Integral Health at the California Institute for Human Science. Milena’s research explores strategies for mental health development and prevention of depression and anxiety. The idea of nonduality will be introduced to explain life as a process of development rather than a fixed state, and implications of dualistic and nondual worldviews will be discussed.

The prevalence of mental disorders such as anxiety and depression in the modern world indicates that a fragmented, or dualistic, view of reality has unfortunately become the norm. Notions such as good vs. bad, mind vs. body, and self vs. other, do not really exist in nature. They are dualistic mental concepts based on a fragmented and limited view of reality. ​In this workshop, you will gain an understanding of nonduality, the idea that rather than being fragmented, nature is governed by a continuous process of change and development, or the process of becoming.

Understanding of the deep interconnectedness in nature, and of change and transformation as natural processes, can lead to a clearer perception, and reveal a new way of experiencing the world that is more creative, unitive, and authentic. Awareness of nonduality can prevent dissociation, and contribute to more sustainable ways of living. Gaining nondual awareness can be the ultimate key to freedom, revealing unlimited ways to develop and become all that we can be.

Milena Braticevic, PhD Integral Health
Postdoctoral Research Associate
California Institute for Human Science

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