Grad Minds


    The University of Toronto's Graduate Student Mental Health Committee


  • About Us

    Who we are:

    Formed through a student initiative at the University of Toronto in September 2013, Grad Minds is now officially recognized as the Mental Health Advisory Committee of the University of Toronto Graduate Students' Union (UTGSU).

    What we do:

    We promote well-being and provide mental health education through programs, initiatives, and events, with a focus on developing psychological resilience, personal skill development, self-care practices, and de-stigmatizing mental health problems.

    Why we do what we do:

    Graduate students face unique challenges that are not often addressed. At this time, there is a lack of peer support services and education programs aimed at graduate students' mental health on campus.

  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to promote mental health awareness and well-being among the graduate student population at the University of Toronto. We take a three-pronged approach to achieve our mission that encompasses:


    To Promote Wellness

    Mental health is complex. Our goal is to provide students with tools and resources that may help improve their overall mental health and well-being.


    To Raise Awareness

    Mental health conversations are essential; we can't be silent anymore. Our aim is to diminish the shame and stigma that surrounds mental health.


    To Create Partnerships

    Mental health is important for everyone to talk about. We provide a platform for students, staff, and community initiatives to share their messages.

  • Our Events, Projects, and Initiatives

    We are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help out with our year round projects!

    Grad Minds Webinar Series

    Join us for our bi-weekly virtual workshops where we will explore topics such as academic resilience, burnout, imposter syndrome, and more!

    Town Hall Meetings

    All UofT graduate students are welcome to attend our monthly virtual town hall meetings where they can share their ideas on how we, as a community, can improve graduate student wellbeing during these times.

    Facebook Live Yoga with Josh Cooper

    Join us every Wednesday for free online Yoga! Josh will lead you through a restorative Hatha Flow Yoga class, perfect for building strength, increasing mobility, and balancing energy levels. All levels welcome!

    Elemental Magazine

    Elemental Magazine is an initiative aimed at promoting mental health awareness on campus and advancing our current knowledge on mental health through an engaging communication platform.


    Website: elementalmag.ca

    Mental Health Resource Initiative

    We are working towards providing more education and information about mental health resources available, how to access those resources, and what to expect from them.

    Community Outreach

    We are collaborating with additional working groups within UofT and across the community to help support students with complex mental health needs.

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