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September 11: General Meeting 1

Come find out what we're all about!

Are you looking to get involved with Grad Minds this year? We will be having our first general meeting of the year in the Grad Room (66 Harbord Street) on September 11th, starting at 5:15 PM. We have the room booked at 5:00 PM, so feel free to come early to meet the executive team. This meeting is open to all UofT graduate students who want to learn more about Grad Minds, share ideas on how to improve student wellbeing, or get involved with our projects throughout the year.

Not exactly sure how you want to help out? During the meeting, the co-chairs and the co-event team leads will be showcasing our planned initiatives and events so that you can determine where you would be a good fit. Additionally, we would love to hear your ideas or input on how we can improve graduate student mental health and wellbeing at UofT.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

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