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March 24th: Workshop 6 - Recognizing Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships

With modern technology and the need for instant gratification it’s easy to get caught up in today’s dating scene, and miss out on all the ways our love lives get negatively affected. This workshop will focus on how to recognize red flags when it comes to emotional abuse, and also learn more on setting boundaries. Emotional abuse can be much more subtle than other kinds of abuse, which means the trauma felt by the person who experienced it can be felt much longer. Learning how to set boundaries and find out your needs in a relationship, will not only lower your risk of dealing with abuse or at least walking away earlier, it can also benefit your connections with family and friends. We’ll also be taking a look at why abuse can be so hard to walk away from, and how early caretakers have an effect on us.

Karina Lafayette is a writer/director. She graduated from Dawson College with a degree in Cinema and has since directed short films and a documentary entitled “The Student Diaries”, based on the 2012 Quebec Student Movement. In October 2019 she self-published a memoir “Persephone Rises” that’s available on Amazon. Beyond that she’s an advocate for homelessness and poverty in Toronto and strives to make a better world one story at a time.

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