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May 13 – Equitable Pathways: Reflecting on the Many Different Ways to Get Where We Are Going


Presented by Máiri McKenna Edwards

Description: What does an equity lens add to our understanding of resilience? How do we balance the importance of developing our own skills, as well as the responsibilities of systems and institutions? In this conversation we’ll reflect on these tensions, as well as the roles of trauma, essentialism, community, culture, activism and how we care for ourselves. And we’ll talk about the role joy plays in all of this too!

Date: Wednesday, May 13th, 2020

Time: 2:00 - 3:00 PM


About the Presenter

Máiri (Mar-ee) brings hope to difficult conversations with an appreciation for levity to keep in mind that at the of heart of this work is connection. Her work draws on her own lessons as a mix of ethnoracial identities to recognize both the commonalities between and the particularities of our different experiences. Máiri has worked in and run community based programs for children, youth and families in the Toronto area; taught and managed programs in higher education; and been a private consultant. Her favourite pass time is hanging with the kids while eating amazing BBQ by her hubby.

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